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Video Production Service

Create engaging video content for your business that your audience will want to watch.

Photography Service

Capture high-quality Photography to elevate your business's digital presence.

Fitness Photography

Fitness photoshoots are a great way to show off the results of your fitness journey and also create content for your social media.

Video & Photo
Social Media Packages

With social media being a fundamental way of marketing your business, fresh content must be posted constantly across various social platforms.

Video & Photo
Real Estate Photography & Videography

Professional Real Estate Photos and Videos to help sell your listing. We shoot for real estate agents, residential and commercial.

I help businesses create content for their website and social media.

Shane Lyne | Lyne Media
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Lyne Media Photography & Videography Services

Photographs and Videos bring value to your website pages and social media accounts. They provide a reason for your target audience to visit and browse through your online pages, hereby increasing traffic for your business. At Lyne Media, we help businesses create content for their website and social media pages.

Give Your Clients Something To Look At!

At Lyne Media, we pride ourselves as the best photography and videography service in Ireland and our media services cut across different fields from personal to business photography. 

In the world of product businesses, videos and photos play a vital role. They provide a visual representation of what your clients can expect to buy, giving them the confidence to make a commitment. Similarly, for service providers, these visual elements offer potential clients an enticing glimpse into their offerings, showcasing why they should choose to work with them. It's all about creating that captivating visual experience that sets you apart from your competition.

Photographs and Videos also have a great marketing value as they pass information and tell stories in a way words can’t. This is why it is important to hire the best photography and videography service to tell your story in a way that accurately represents your brand’s identity.

Hire Professional Photography and Videography Service in Cork, Ireland.

Lyne Media is dedicated to providing exceptional picture and video content for your website pages and social media platforms. We proudly offer a wide array of photography and videography services to cater to your diverse needs. Our comprehensive range includes portrait, lifestyle, fitness, product, and many more specialised genres. From capturing your brands story to showcasing your products in the best light, we are here to bring your vision to life with stunning visuals. 

Our services span across different needs and are each tailored to meet your expectations, so regardless of if you want a magazine-standard photoshoot or an emotive Christmas AD we have got the equipment and expertise to surpass your expectations.