Video Production Service

Video Production Service

Create engaging video content for your business that your audience will want to watch.


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Lyne Media offers a wide range of the best video services, so our clients can always find the perfect fit to represent their persona and brand identity.

Promotional Videos are one of the most popular services we offer alongside corporate videos, product videos, lifestyle and travel videos, and event coverage. 

Here at Lyne Media, we are with you every step of the way in creating high-quality videos for your brand. We take care of the planning, filming, and editing of your video content because our goal is to produce the highest quality video possible to promote your brand or product and pass your message across to your audience. 

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Does Your Brand Need Video Content?

Every brand regardless of what you sell or what services you offer needs video content because pictures aren’t enough anymore. Hiring Lyne Media as your videographer to produce video content for your business will elevate your brand awareness and help you reach your target audience on a level you never thought possible. 

Video content is also an effective marketing tool that can solidify your brand’s position in the industry. The right video content can tell potential customers all they need to know about your company, the services you offer, and what your brand stands for. For entrepreneurs looking for a creative way to take their business to the next stage, the compelling power of storytelling and video content provides a fitting solution.

Video Content Creation - Show Clients What Your Brand Is About

In today’s digital world, high-quality video content is vital to the success of any brand since potential customers want to see the features of the products they will be buying, how it looks, and what it does before purchasing. Lyne Media can help you create top-quality and engaging video content to capture the attention of your audience and tell your brand’s story in a unique fashion. 

The Best Video Content Creation Strategy 

At Lyne Media, we operate an effective 4-step approach to create video content for your brand or business:

1. Planning Your Video Content

The first step is the planning phase and this is where we establish your message and the type of video you want to create. We also discuss your expectations from the video and we draft a creative brief for the shoot detailing a shooting schedule and timeline to work off.

2. Video Filming For Brands

The Fun Part! This is where your ideas come to life. Whatever the budget, high quality production comes as standard. At Lyne media, we use the best and most advanced videography technology to shoot your videos. This allows us to capture the stunning visuals we set out in the creative brief. 

3. Video Content Editing 

Post-production is where the story comes together; using effects, voice-overs, music and motion graphics to give your video its final touches.

4. Video Content Publishing and Production

Once the video is finalised it is time to publish for the world to see. I love to see the content we create succeeding. I talk you through some best practices on posting for social media and other methods of marketing your content.

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